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"Leonardo E.M. Cioglia is a musician that demands your concentration. You can't allow yourself to be caught off guard during the first listen, for if you do, you may miss all of the little things, the silences, the influx of notes, that this guy is able to put into his music."!


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  Música de Mineiros : Claudio Roditi : Miscellaneous



Body and Soul

Bossa For Donato


Gemini Men (Claudio Roditi)


Braziliance x4: Claudio Roditi 
Grammy Award nomination in 2010 as Best Latin Jazz Album.

Filmed in Beverly Hills, CA on March 25th, 2007 @ Rising Jazz Stars for Resonance Records.

  •       Claudio Roditi (Trumpet)
  •       Helio Alves (Piano)
  •       Leonardo Cioglia (Acoustic Bass)
  •       Duduka Da Fonseca (Drums)